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The Iyengar Yoga School of Central Philadelphia directed by Joan White is once again pleased to offer Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training in the winter/spring of 2017:

     Intermediate Junior Level I, II, and III

     February 3 - 5
     April 21 - 23


The Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States officially recognizes this program. Attendance at these three weekends as well as attending regular classes will prepare students to meet the requirements to go up for assessment.

The weekends focuses on learning skills for the introductory and intermediate levels. There will be a special session on Friday afternoon from 3 to 6 PM devoted to Jr Intermediate students and their particular questions. Intermediate level students will have a chance to teach intermediate level poses during the weekend.



This training is designed to train people in the art of teaching Iyengar Yoga. This year we will focus on the following subjects:

  • How to demonstrate and teach the basics of the asanas on various levels

  • How to observe and correct poses

  • How to work with multi level students in the same class

  • Working with Pranayama

  • Correct pronunciation of Sanskrit names

  • Philosophy

To apply for this course you must:

  • be a student of Iyengar Yoga studying with a certified teacher. If that teacher is other than myself you will need a letter of recommendation from that teacher

  • have a minimum of three years of Iyengar yoga training

  • be willing to commit to attending all three teacher training weekends

  • write a short essay describing why you want to be an Iyengar yoga teacher and email it to me at

Teacher training is open onlyto students following the Iyengar system.

Everyone in the regular teacher training is expected to take at least 3 weekends out of the four.

Jr. Intermediate I training is part of the regular teacher training as well as the special weekend in April.

Students wil be required to:

  • attend all sessions.

  • keep a journal of their practice and teaching.

  • do the reading for their various levels.

  • present at least one aural report on an assigned topic.

  • make up a notebook of the poses on their syllabi.

  • join an Iyengar Yoga Association of their choosing.

  • purchase a copy of the latest Certification Manual.

  • do short written reports on assigned subjects.

  • submit a video of their asana practice for the syllabus they are working on, announcing each pose in Sanskrit. This video is due on or before the 2nd weekend (April 9th).

  • for students planning on certification in 2010, submit a 40-minute video with six poses, including any new inversions on their syllabus. For intermediate levels, video must include one standing pose. This video is due no later than March 10th. (Please confine your tape to 40 minutes; anything beyond 40 minutes will not be reviewed.)

February 15 -17

May 31 - June 2


 See flyer >>>

Location: 3505 Baring Street, Philadelphia PA 

Mentoring for Teachers Studying the Intermediate Syllabus